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Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts Systems offers programs that are perfect for individuals or the whole family. At KRMAS, you'll achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness and self-defence awareness, but you'll also get to bond with your family and fellow classmates. 

Our classes are fun, exciting, educational, and empowering!

We are passionate about increasing confidence, teaching respect and helping our students reach their goals.

What customers are saying...

Sensei Jaime has been training my daughters aged 8 and 11, for over 3 months. In that time I have seen them both come out of their shells and radiate confidence within themselves. They have life long friends and enjoy attending training.
— Jess
Sensei Jaime has been training Dale since she opened the Dojo. In that time dale’s confidence has grown . I would highly recommend sending your children to join KRMAS Bundaberg.
— Sandi
Jack began karate lessons with Sensei Jaime in October 2014. He is only 3 and Sensei has had the upmost patience with him and has encouraged him every step of the way. He is gaining confidence with every class he attends. Jack has enjoyed it so much I have even signed up myself in the adult class!
— Kara
My 7 year old son has ASD; we tried a few different sports. I was told by a different martial arts program that my son didn’t have the concentration to train. . I phoned Sensei Jaime and explained our situation, she didn’t hesitate in training my son she said “it’s not about his concentration it’s about the way you train them”. My son has learnt to respect Sensei and follow instructions. I am so impressed with the program that I have signed my 4 year old daughter up for classes as well as myself.
— Pam

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